Here are some testimonials from present and past clients:

You inspire us and help us to stay as active as possible as we enjoy this amazing journey. Being with the group adds an important social element too.


Poling with Kari is a great but gentle workout in beautiful places under the careful and enthusiastic watch of Kari. This has to be the easiest way to do something healthy. Kari is a wonderful leader.

Graham Stewart

Urban poling and the classes are a pleasant, fun, relaxing, invigorating constant in my life that I am very grateful for!

C. S.

I met Kari some two years ago at the Seniors Centre in Kingston while she was giving a demo of Urban Poling. I was so intrigued by this type of exercise and Kari’s open and bubbly personality that I joined her seniors group.

For the past 2 years, off and on (more on) I have participated in Kari’s Urban Poling classes and met interesting individuals, had an opportunity to chat it up with Jan and Pat (Kari’s parents) and all the other really nice people while getting fresh air and an amazing workout in and around Kingston.

Thank you, Kari, you make these one hour sessions interesting and memorable; whether we stop to feed the birds, admire the lovely surroundings or navigate mud puddles.

Marie Farnady

Urban Poling has helped my health enormously! Since I started poling, I can bend my knees properly. The osteoarthritis pain in my legs is gone and my breathing has improved. It is wonderful doing this activity with a group and I also enjoy doing it on my own.

Joan LaFeuvre