Quick Start Clinic Coming Soon!

This is the perfect time to learn or brush up on your Urban Poling technique.  It's a great activity to take you through the winter!  Join me on Friday November 6th, 2020 from 10:30 - 12noon at  the track at the Invista Centre.  See the Classes and Clinics pages for details.!

Quick Start Clinics Coming Soon!

I'll be running 2 Quick Start Clinics in April.  One on Tuesday the 14th from 10 - 11:30 and the other on Wednesday the 15th from 5 - 6:30.  I hope one of these times will suit you if you are keen to get started with Urban Poling!

Urban Poling Instructor Certificate Course

Join this exciting trend and become a certified Urban Poling Instructor!  The course is taking place on Saturday November 16th from 9am - 1pm at the Seniors Centre at 56 Francis St.   Let me know if you're interested!  I'll be posting a link VERY soon!

Quick Start Clinic Coming Soon

Join me and tell your friends about this Quick Start Clinic.  Learn all you need to know about Walking with Urban Poles!  Thursday Oct. 17th.   10 - 11:30am at the Memorial Centre.  Please get in touch with me to register.